Hey there!  My name is Rebecca and I am a twin mommy, a Ph.D. candidate, and a health and wellness buff.  Needless to say, this keeps me super busy.

My interest in natural and organic skin care - and skin care & beauty product standards - started when I just had these kids and they were getting terrible rashes from the regular baby brands....even those that claimed to be "natural" but aren't.

I started using safer, greener brands, certified organic brands, and eventually started making my own all natural skin care & beauty products using DIY recipes and only natural (i.e. directly from nature) ingredients.

Now I make soap and solid body lotion in my kitchen, I blog professionally, and when I get the chance, I escape to yoga for an hour or two.

Dump Trucks and Downward Dog is my latest project.  It's a website devoted to mommy wellness, and to wellness generally.

Here you'll find...

  • health and wellness tips,
  • product reviews and product education (a.k.a. what the heck is in my moisturiser?!),
  • simple DIY beauty recipes (for the crafty and the ambitious).  

You'll also find links to my favourite products and to my own line of all natural, solid (all in bar form) skin care and beauty products (once all the legal paperwork re: becoming a cosmetics business is finished).