Homemade Bath Paint

DIY bath paint

Homemade bath paint is an excellent way to keep the kids happy, busy, and (relatively) clean!

These super simple homemade bath paint recipes can be made with just 2-3 ingredients, and I've included some tips on making the best natural, non-toxic versions of these at the bottom of this post.

We tried some of the store-bought bath paint about a year back, because my kids love making messes, and plain old bath water without paint or steam boats does doesn't pass the boy-test.  But even the "natural" version of the store bought stuff made one of my little guys break out in a rash.  Yuck!

These homemade options will not only save you a ton of money  - I don't know about your kids, but mine like to dump the ENTIRE container into the bath.  Ever single time. - but you can also customise them to get rid of all the synthetic chemical junk.

Ideally, you want something reasonably free of things like parabens and artificial fragrance.  (You might be surprised at the irritants and potential toxins lurking in products like Johnson & Johnson and Gillette.)

Image courtesy of Parenting Chaos: http://parentingchaos.com/homemade-bath-paints/

Super Simple Homemade Bath Paint Recipes

Your basic ingredients for making homemade bath paint are some kind of soap/cleanser/shampoo plus cornstarch to thicken plus colour, or shave cream (because it's already thick) plus colour.

Some really easy homemade bath paint recipes:

Simple 3 ingredient bath paint from Parenting Chaos: cornstarch + liquid soap + food colouring.

The cornstarch + soap + food colouring recipes also works with shampoo instead of soap.

Have some shave cream lying around?  Try this 2 ingredient foamy bath paint.

Best Ingredients to Make Your Homemade Bath Paint Totally Non Toxic

If you're concerned about junk like parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, here are some of the best options to use as your bath paint base....

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